The first govt. approved full-fledged private university in greater Mymensingh.
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Ishakha international University, Bangladesh (IIUB) has been established in March, 2012 with a view to providing higher education of international standard. IIUB offers under graduate and graduate programs in the area of Business, Science & Technology, Law, Arts & Social Science and other disciplines. IIUB starts functioning as a full-fledged university from fall semester- 2012 with the approval of Government and UGC in 2012 under \'The Private University Act 2010.\' Professor Dr. Durgadas Bhattacharjee, former Vice-Chancellor of The National University, is honorary acting Vice-Chancellor of Ishakha International University, Bangladesh.


Background of IIUB:

Kishoreganj is one of the largest districts in Bangladesh with diverse human & natural resources & enriched cultural heritage & history. Legendary of Ishakha, Chandrabati, the first woman poet of Bangla literature, & Sayed Nazrul Islam pioneer of the War of liberation as acting president of the Government of Independent Bangladesh in absence of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibor Rahman, have enriched the history of this region. On going president Zillur Rahman, Speaker Advocate Md. Abdul Hamid M.P., LGRD minister Sayed Ashraful Islam & many other national leaders enrich this history as the inheritance of their ancestors. Unfortunately, all with its cultural & political achievement this huge region deprived of having higher educational institution. Realizing that vary reality one of her golden son eminent educationist the former vice chancellor of National University, Bangladesh Professor Dr. Durgadas Bhattacharjee took an initiative to establish a private university after the name of Ishakha. With heartiest assistance of golden sons of our soil Honorable speaker Advocate Md. Abdul Hamid MP, Honorable LGRD minister Sayed Ashraful Islam & other national leaders & MPs helped the endevour of establishing a university to fulfill the long cherished desire of the people of Kishoreganj as well as greater Mymensingh. Thus Ishakha International University, Bangladesh has come in existence with a view to reflecting age-old desire of higher education of the people of a vast region. IIUB is the first private university in greater Mymensingh & also one of the eight private universities got permission by UGC in 2012 under private university act-2010. Professor Dr. Durgadas Bhattacharjee as acting & honorary Vice Chancellor as a soul authority along with the dedicated members of the \'Ishakha International University, Bangladesh Trust\' is working with utmost sincerity to make IIUB a University of international standard. We hope with grace of Almighty & assistance of educationist, intellectuals, politicians, cultural personnel\'s, mass people & students, IIUB will become a pioneer & legend as a higher institution of first water.

Speciall Features of IIUB


Vision: IIUB has been established with a vision in education eyeing tomorrow\'s world. It is committed to ensure quality education and create both well-educated and globally competent professionals, and truly educated personnels enlightened with patriotism, root-oriented and humanity. IIUB will be not only degree conferring university but it will be a research-based university collaborating with the renowned universities of the world. We want to create human resource for ICT-based and upcoming knowledge-based society.


Mission: IIUB provides modern and global standard higher education for all walks of life at a affordable cost. Besides, the vast \'haor\' and remote area of Kishoreganj and adjoining districts lagging behind from the scope of higher education. IIUB want to create scope of higher education for the above region. Finally IIUB\'s mission is to promote pragmatic and ICT based education to encourage the potentiality of our new generation to make them adaptable as a global citizen. We also committed to materialize the dreams of the martyrs of the Liberation War to uphold Bangladesh as an educated, poverty-free and scientifically-technologically-culturally-advanced country in the world.


Special Features of IIUB

* Highly qualified faculty members with vast experience.

* High quality of education at affordable cost.

* Full time Dean, Chairmen and faculty members

* High quality education of international standard.

* Well decorated spacious class room with digital facilities.

* Modern Lab. facilities   * enriched library facilities   * IT facilities

* Tuition waives for meritorious and less advantage student

* Interactive class based teaching


Programs Offered:



Faculty of Business Administration:



* MBA (Executive)



Faculty of Law:

* LLB (Hons)

* LLB (Prel. 2-year)



Faculty of Arts & Social Science:

* BA (Hons) in English

* MA in English


* Diploma in Library & Information Science

Proposed Programs:

- Electrical & Electronic Eng (EEE)

- Civil Eng.

- Textile Eng.

- BSc. Ag.

- Environment & Disaster Management (EDM)



Special Features of IIUB:

* Highly qualified faculty members.

* Well-designed and innovative curriculum.

* ICT-based lab facilities.

* Tuition waiver for meritorious, disadvantaged students.

* Placement and career guidance.





Payment Procedure:

* For all undergraduate & graduate programs, amount payable at the time of admission Tk. 14500/-

* Semester fee will be paid in three equal installments as under.

            a) Before Registration,

            b) Before Mid-term Test and

            c) Before Semester Final Examination.


Remaining amount should be paid on installment basis at the begining of each semester, payable amount assessed for each semester on the basis of semester\'s credit hours, may the paid in three installments



Tuition Fees Waiver (Based on HSC results):

Golden GPA 5.00                 :  100%

GPA 5.00                             :    80%

GPA 4.81-5.00                     :    30%

GPA 4.51-4.80                     :    20%

GPA 4.00-4.50                     :    10%


Other Tuition Fees Waiver:

Siblings and spouse                :  20% waiver

Female Students                    : 10% waiver

Freedom Fighter\'s Child         : 20% waiver

Ethnic minority                       :  20% waiver






Tuition Fees Waiver Based on Semester Results:

GPA 4.00                             :  80% waiver

GPA 3.75- <4.00                  :  40% waiver

GPA 3.60- <3.75                  :  20% waiver




Academic Calendar:

Ishakha International University, Bangladesh operates its program on semester basis.

Spring Semester              : January to April

Summer Semester            : May to August

Fall Semester                   : September to December

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